THEYA Healthcare Win at 2020 Irish Women’s Awards

Ciara Donlon, founder of THEYA Healthcare won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

THEYA Healthcare designs and manufactures innovative medical garments using natural fibres. The company’s flagship post-surgery lingerie range designed initially for use by breast cancer patients now serves many more medical niches.

THEYA Healthcare is headquartered at NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at UCD.

Ciara Donlon, THEYA Healthcare said, “I am delighted to have won the 2020 Irish Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. It is fantastic to be recognised as a founder of a company that through the use of natural materials is not only helping patients feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally, but we are also helping ease the burden on our planet by only using natural fibres that do not require the use of chemicals or water to thrive and grow.”

The company uses a patented bamboo fabric mix, made from OEKO-TEX® bamboo, which was tested as part of a clinical study carried out at UCD. The fabric has been scientifically proven to be ideal for post-operative wear as it is highly anti-bacterial naturally, breathable, 59% more absorbent than cotton and extremely soft thus helping to reduce skin irritation, keep patients cool and dry and increase recovery times.

THEYA Healthcare currently supply hospitals and retailers across Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the US.

Tracy O’Rourke, founder of Vivid Edge also headquartered at NovaUCD, was a runner-up in the Business Woman of the Year Award category. Vivid Edge has developed a pioneering ‘energy efficiency as a service’ model for organisations which use large amounts of energy.

The Irish Women’s Awards are organised by Creative Oceanic which has delivered award ceremonies for nearly a decade in cities around the world, including Dublin, Belfast, Toronto, London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester Leicester, Birmingham and recently in New York.

Irfan Younis, CEO, Creative Oceanic, said, “Congratulations to all winners and finalists at the 2nd Irish Women’s Awards 2020. We were delighted to host exceptional finalists who make brilliant role models and are leading a new generation of women and girls to greater success and more open doors. We look forward to growing this campaign and are excited to see it how it evolves over coming years.